Owner Interview

Rustler 57

Rustler 57 review – owner interview

Ian Robson owned his Rustler 44 for eight years and sailed more than 14,000 miles in her. In all that time only one significant thing went wrong with the yacht ‘and that was probably down to the component supplier rather than Rustler,’ he reflects. ‘You couldn’t say more for the build quality than that, except perhaps that Rustlers don’t break – it takes a lot to break a Rustler.’

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Rustler 37 - a very relaxing boat to sail

Rustler 37 review by owner Tim Stevenson

Tim Stevenson’s Andrillot II was the original Rustler 37, launched in 2014 and he’s owned her ever since. “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he says. It’s quite fitting that Tim’s now owns the first Rustler 37 because her namesake, the original Andrillot – the first of Jack Laurent Giles’s famously seaworthy 25ft Vertue Class yachts, launched in 1936 – was in his family for almost 40 years.

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