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Beautiful Yachts, Beautifully Built

Relatively low volume production with a very high degree of customer led optimization, along with an exceptional standard of finish distinguishes the Rustler brand from others.

The Rustler range has grown over the years. This growth has been entirely driven by customer demand – and has led us to an interesting range of boats, from pretty dayboats to powerful world class cruising yachts.

No matter which model is chosen, the core values remain the same: good design, matched to exemplary build quality.

Rustler 57 sailing

Our yachts are custom built in the UK for each and every customer”

Rustler Yachts factory - craftsman at work

Commissioning your new Rustler is much more than a purchase – it’s an experience that you and your family will always remember.

From choosing bespoke styles and components, to meeting the craftspeople that are making your Rustler a reality, you can get involved in every step of the process. By the time your new Rustler is ready to sail, she’ll already feel like a close and trusted friend.

Latest posts

  • What are the benefits of a carbon fibre mast on a cruising boat?
    Carbon fibre has long been the material of choice for racing yacht masts. It used to be an exotic material, but it can now be found in many things from pens to pushbikes. Carbon fibre is stiffer and weighs less than other mast materials, but it’s also quite a lot more expensive. So why have we recently had three owners request a carbon fibre mast for their Rustler 42?
  • Rustler yacht design explained – an interview with Stephen Jones
    British naval architect Stephen Jones is renowned for his ability to design boats that are fast, seaworthy and beautiful in equal measure, which makes him the ideal man to design Rustler’s range of sailing yachts. His approach to design is probably unique and the results speak for themselves.
  • What makes Rustler Yachts special?
    What makes our boats special? They certainly stand out from the crowd. Part of the answer is in our motto – beautiful yachts, beautifully built – but there’s a lot more to it than that. To misquote Aristotle, the hull is more than the sum of its parts. Timeless good looks and modern-classic lines, fine craftsmanship and exceptional build quality all help to define our brand, but the other thing about all Rustlers is simply how well they sail.
  • Rustler 41 Motor Yacht, a boat to be proud of
    After eight years in the planning, Rustler Yachts has launched its first motor yacht – a boat with the same unique blend of world-class craftsmanship, seakeeping, performance and elegance as the world-renowned sailing yachts they’ve been building for over 50 years.

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