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Detail in the way that we work with customers to produce the specification of the Rustler that they want.  And detail that continues throughout the build of every new Rustler.

We set our own standards.  When sourcing componants, we do not accept the ‘industry norm’.  Our philosophy for selecting outside suppliers is simply to use the very best components available.

Compared to our competitors, the percentage of in-house manufacturing is much higher, allowing us far greater control over quality, and far greater flexibility in the detail for each and every new Rustler.

Of course, we test our yachts.  But the ultimate test is over the long term – a test which only Rustler owners can truly carry out.  This is why we go to great lengths to listen carefully and respond quickly to feedback from our customers.


At Rustler, we are not followers of fashion.  We don’t pursue the new, or different, merely for the sake of it.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, in our view, the goal is to produce attractive individual yachts that are a pleasure to own and sail.  Yet each yacht has a distinctive in-built elegance that is unmistakably Rustler.  Each offers instant recognition at a time when other yachts are looking increasingly similar.

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