About Rustler Yachts

The first Rustler 36 was built in Falmouth in the early 1980s, and since that time hundreds of happy owners have enjoyed the experience of having their new boat built by experienced British craftsmen.  In 2005 we designed and built our new factory, from where every part of each new Rustler is now manufactured with the ultimate care and dedication of our skilled team.

We are passionate about the yachts we build, and we know that this passion is shared by our enthusiastic owners.  All of our yachts will continue to be hand-built and bespoke in a modern environment, but will use, where it is right to do so, high technology processes and equipment.

Easy to live with, and built to deal with real-life cruising, all Rustler designs prioritise comfort and safety at sea.  Rustlers are deceptively fast with an easy motion, which allows rapid passage times, often delighting the crew, and to the dismay of bigger more performance-orientated yachts!

An active Rustler Owners Association provides a wealth of cruising advice, and indeed a great many of our new builds are for existing Rustler owners. This brand loyalty speaks volumes for the quality, service and value associated with the Rustler brand.

Rustler Yachts Ltd also own and build the Bowman and Starlight brands, details of which can be found by following the link to www.bowmanyachts.com.

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